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Supporting families to get restful sleep by using responsive and gentle sleep training for little ones.

How can a Sleep Consultant help you?
If you feel like you have tried everything and followed advice from numerous sources but nothing is working then a Sleep Consultant offers clarity and guidance tailored to your family. I offer a personalised service that can improve sleep and well being of your whole family within just a couple of weeks.

Sleeping Baby

R. Newman

"Jess has been absolutely wonderful in helping us as a family to get more sleep! She was so kind and calm and the WhatsApp support was the best part for us as it gave us very hands-on support.  We'd recommend Jess to anyone and are forever thankful. "

A. Greenstock

"Jess has been amazing! She has provided us with great support and shown us some great techniques to get our 6 month old sleeping through. We have a routine now that works for us all and we are all a lot happier!"

Sleep Packages

Plans to suit all families


I'm Jess, Founder of Twilight Tots Sleep Consultant.  

My motivation for wanting to help families struggling with sleep is that I understand exactly what it is like to be sleep deprived. I have been where you are! My mission is to support families to achieve their sleep goals and make for a well rested home using gentle and supportive methods.

Sleep is so important for little one's development and impacts all areas of our lives as parents. It is possible for your little one to have restorative naps and solid stretches of sleep at night. You can wake up feeling refreshed and have the energy to enjoy things that you used to.

My Sleep Packages are for tots aged 5 months to 5 years. I offer a free 15 minute Discovery Call so that we can discuss your concerns and whether I am the right Sleep Consultant for you.

I work virtually across the UK and look forward to hearing from you!



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