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Top 5 Sleep Tips for 18 - 24 month olds!

1. Daytime sleep - at this age, babies should be getting around 13 - 14 hours sleep in a 24hour period and this is split between nighttime sleep and 1 daytime nap. Take a look at the recommended wake windows on our social pages for each age group. 

2. Daytime activities - to support development and keep your little one stimulated, active play and fresh air are key. This will help regulate their circadian rhythm and give them the chance to practice the new skills that they have learnt during the day rather than when they should be sleeping!

3. Consistency & routine - creating a routine that works for your family and that you can stick to 5 nights out of 7 will help your little one feel calm and relaxed. They like to know what is coming next and following the same few steps before bedtime will let them know it’s time for sleep. This doesn’t need to be a long routine, the key is to keep the environment quiet, calm & dark to help with producing the sleepy hormone melatonin.

4. Self-Settling - now is the time to help your little one fall asleep on their own (if they aren’t already doing so). This will mean that when they wake during the night they can get themselves back to sleep independently. For more information and tips on self-settling check out our social pages. 

5. Choices & Boundaries - at this age the desire for independence is something that can lead to bedtime battles so offering choices where possible such as which book to read can help. Alongside this, boundary setting and not introducing new sleep associations will help too. If your little one is going through the 18 month regression they may need more support than normal, however, stick to your routine as much as possible and the regression will pass a lot smoother. Now is not the time to change things or introduce anything new. 

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